2024 Winter Edition

Best Feature Screenplay
The Boys I Never Kissed (Christina Andrea Offley, USA)
Honorable Mention
Prince of Chicago (Bruce Hickey, USA)
Fear the Reaper (Jason John Cicalese, USA)
Nocturnal (Peter Hardy, USA)
Pocket Money (Teodora Pancheva, UK)

Best Short Script (40)
Grandma Böse (Alicia Hayes, USA)
Honorable Mention
RoboCapo (Michael Cipiti, USA)
Tom's Diner (Christie Glascoe, USA)
Two Harbors Pilot (Brian Lange Stemmler United States)

Best Television Script Pilot
IRiS (Randall Reese, USA)
Honorable Mention
Widow's Wishes (Holly Sawyer, USA)
Aris (V.P. Evans, USA)
The Secret Life Of Jake Edwards (Jeff Edmond, USA)
The Sands (Hannah Looney and Jason Cortez, United States)

Best Super Short Script (under 10 pages)
You Should Not Of Come Here (Charlie Oliver Ashton, UK)

Best First Time Screenwriter (Feature)
The Academy of Kings (Marine Claire Puel, France)
Honorable Mention
Soul Survivors - An Obsession Of The Heart Part One (Adam Poulos, USA)
The Strongman (Todd Ryan Jones, USA)

Best First Time Screenwriter (Short)
The Acting War (Portia Williams, USA)
Honorable Mention
Ready Set No! (Willem Hietkamp, Netherlands)

Best Best Synopsis
Intertwined in Silence (Sebastian Alejandro Fernandez - Moris Rodriguez, Peru)
Honorable Mention
Bell Tolls (Sebastian Davis, UK)

Best Young Screenwriter (under 30y)
IRENE (Valerio Pampaglini, Italy)
Honorable Mention
Heartbeat by Heartbeat (Alex Shores)
Self Improvement (Samuel Roberts)

Best Drama Screenplay
Next Time We Meet (Robert Gokay, USA)
Honorable Mention
Disposable (Laurie Brown, USA)
The Spanish Teacher (Barbara de la Cuesta, USA)
Christian Morris (J.A. Brown, USA)

Best Comedy Screenplay
Winslow's Warranty (Nathan Cox, William Clark and Grace Clark, USA)
Honorable Mention
The Balcon Question (carlo ghioni, Canada)
CODSWALLOP (Paul Larsen , USA)
F***boys (Adam Sandel, USA)

Best Horror Screenplay
Succubus In The Hood (Jeffery A. Brown, USA)
Honorable Mention
The Ghosts of Crystal Lake (Mario G. Lopez, USA)
The House With Two Front Doors (Lucy Mills, UK)

Best Thriller Screenplay
Mallory (Liz Chiodo, USA)
Honorable Mention
Stranger in Our Bed (Samantha Lee Howe, UK)

Best LGBT Screenplay
VENGEANCE IS A LADY (Michael Williams, USA)
Honorable mention
Closet Door (Moon Abbott, USA)

Best Female Screenwriter
Reality Is On To Something (Holly Sawyer, USA)
Honorable Mention
Speechless (Lottie Anderson, France)
Women of the Corinthian Cafe (Kandis Heckler, USA)

Best Sci-Fi Screenplay
You Are My Oxygen (Toby Smith, UK)

Best Action Screenplay
Nobody's Heroes (Michael Alan Elliott, USA)
Honorable Mention
Separated By Force (John Ravitz, USA)

Best Psychological Screenplay
The Colouring Book (Toby Smith, UK)

Best Historical Screenplay
Not Mrs. Singer (John Clive Carter, UK)
Honorable Mention
The Last Prince - Pilot (Cellan Thomas, UK)
Will´s Secret (Kevin Short, UK)

Best Crimi Screenplay
A Walk With The Wicked (Robert Gallegos, USA)

Best Fantasy Screenplay
The Other Half Script (Olga Bogdan, UK)

Best Feature Screenplay by Chicago Screenwriter
Suffer the Act (Tony Bustamante, USA)
Honorable Mention
The Arrangement (Don L. Lorincz, USA)

Best American Screenplay

Home for Christmas (Joseph Anthony Francis, USA)

Best Foreign Screenplay
A boy Called Freddy (Sophie Rose Neville, UK)

Best Romantic Screenplay
Wishing on Stars (Rosie Maddox, USA)
Honorable Mention
Waiting for You (Janna Jones, USA)

Best Western Screenplay
For The Freedom (Hans Sluijter, USA)

Best Stage Play
Sleepers, Awake (Ali Kiani, USA)

Best Book
(Cynthia Kern Obrien, USA)