2021 Official Selection Chicago Script Awards

Purple Heart Canada Beverly Wladyka
Lady Jayne Defies Gravity Canada Beverly Wladyka
2B United Kingdom Nicko Vaughan
LSD Memories - A Love Story United States Pavel Cerny
Shower Shadow United States Geoffrey Gould
STRANGE FEELING United States Kieren Gaertner
Taboo Candy United States Jean Galliano
All Our Monsters Italy Marta R
Aimo United States Maggie Craig
The Dance United States Ross Elkon
Grounded United States Martin Tylicki
Inside United States Martin Tylicki
The Pharmacist Ukraine Alexander Chernega
The Underwater Story Ukraine Alexander Chernega
The Fourteen Days Ukraine Alexander Chernega
The Kernel Ukraine Alexander Chernega
The Stories from Keyhole. Mario and Yorshik Ukraine Alexander Chernega
My Cold Dead Hands United States Michael Dunker
Lawrence United Kingdom Milethia Thomas
Legend and The Vitamites PILOT United States Lisa Pha G
Frat Baby United States Lisa Pha G
An Evening Caller Australia Peter-William Jamieson
GT69 FASTER THAN LIFE Saudi Arabia Asim Altokhais
Regret Ireland Yvonne Coughlan
No Man's Property United States James Brosnahan
The Family Dialect Kazakhstan Marat Sarsembayev
Our Home Ireland Claire Kathryn Roche
Sidewalk Chalk United States Joan Philo
Just Be a Boy United Kingdom Chris Bryans
Kept Not Specified Kasper Kavalaris
The Top (or Killing Detroit) United States Christopher Hood
Filterless United States ChiCheese Rivera
Under the Bed United States ethan chen
Sweet Poison France Guillaume Banniard
My Inner Circle United States Vincent Edwards
Murder By Midnight Not Specified Vincent Edwards
The Palazzo United States Tony Schweikle
Money Tree Mexico isaac Ballesteros Barba
Toxic Mexico isaac Ballesteros Barba
Princess Lady United States Stacey Petrov
The Olive_Skinned Girl Iran, Islamic Republic of maryam chekoofi
I'M IN HELL Ireland Aidan Lambert
"The Music Video Murders" - 7-9-21 United States Jeff Edmond
CHRIS United States Jeff Edmond
The Animist United States Jeff Edmond
THE EVALUATOR United Kingdom Peter Noel
THE GIANT United Kingdom Peter Noel
MONTGOMERY POE United Kingdom Peter Noel
NORMAL, pilot episode, "Emergency Psychiatric Services" United States Holly Scarabosio
Once Upon a Pool Canada Adam Swimmer
Will's Delilah South Africa Ntando Ndlovu
Rock and Roll Honey Pie United States Cathie Boruch
Homesick Franco South Africa Ntando Ndlovu
Pink (Script) United States Marianne Mosquera
Windy United States Todd Sorrell
Safe Home United States Michele Jelley
Chastely Prepared United States John Murphy
Squeak United States Barbara Lhota
Blud Ukraine Anatolii Anatoliev
The Shadow of Dharma United States Mark Perlick
JA LAIK DAT United States Steven M. Hirohama
The Midwife's Case Notes in a Time of Contagion United Kingdom James Fitzmaurice
The Short Film Club United Kingdom Darren Stokes
Possum Man United States Eddie Yaroch
RAHELA Kosovo Agim Sopi
The English Teacher Spain Manhal Aziz
The Last Stage, or Wyatt's Earp Dying Dream United States Bruce Scivally
Holiday Help United States Karl Ryan Erikson
A Summer's wave goodbye China Jing Xie
END OF DAYS - SHORT United States Danny Alex
A Second Honeymoon Not Specified lucinda luvaas
Mr Talent United Kingdom Constantin G. M. Weber
Death loves fish&chips United Kingdom Dylan Zarrella
Lover Haters Club United States CHRISTAN VAN SLYKE
A Kill Singapore Dagomir Kaszlikowski
Gustaakhi United Arab Emirates Ursula Manvatkar
ACE United States Jacobo Fe Gismera
Mel Ireland Sarah Bettaney Brady
The Vermilion Hotel United States Mike Dowdrick
Tension In The Eyes United States Mike Dowdrick
The Puzzling Death of Rubi Kaye Carrée Australia Katrina Magat
Nota Bene Ireland Miriam Devitt
High Tea Ireland Miriam Devitt
Road Kill United Kingdom Peter Gould
Brother's Betrayal Australia Paraskevas Mourikis
A long road ahead Germany Bernhard Riedhammer
Underpassers United Kingdom Robin Johnston
The Forest Line United Kingdom Robin Johnston
Living in the past Germany Bernhard Riedhammer
Zero Anima Canada Michael J. Krym
Floor Half Not Specified Ibrahim Asif Mirza
58 Miles United Kingdom Jo Miles
Around Every Corner, Part 1 United States Barbara Holstein
LIFECREDIT United States Jay Stamatis
Assimilation China Gang Chen
The Seagull Germany Jorge Patino
I Am Not Picky China Gang Chen
Fenced Off United States Donovan Santiago
Past Due United States Janna Jones
BabyDoll United Kingdom Rosie Harper
Vested United States Jay Stamatis
Where the Leopards Dream United States Fernando Paez
Where the Leopards Dream United States Fernando Paez
Safety Patrol United States Aidan King
Still Waters United Kingdom James Everett
At Wit's End - Negrin Version United States Troy Alan
Dick 2.0 Canada Henry Sarwer-Foner
Us & Them Canada Henry Sarwer-Foner
Cream City Not Specified Jeffrey James Keyes
Boneyard Racers Feature Canada Neil Chase
IN DUE TIME United States Shaneequa Cannon
ONE-NIGHT STAND United States Shaneequa Cannon
Cultivating Mr. Perfect United States Roopal Badheka
MegaBall$ United States Marc Baron
Comeback in Vienna United States Marc Baron
I've Got Your 6 Feature movie version United States Bill Foster
Charles vs. Charlie India Madhu R
Out of the Park United States Gregory Bonds
Master of Courage United States Alberto Mojo Pena
Today We Almost Died United States Brandon Gates
Anathema: Pilotus United States Bob Singleton
Anathema: Syreni United States Bob Singleton
LOW HANGING FRUIT United States Tyris Terrell McKnight
The Arrangement United States Kátia Kieling
THE PRIEST AND THE PRIVATE EYE Australia michael aston
THE BILLY WHISPERS GANG Australia michael aston
Girl with the erotic gun Australia michael aston
In December Not Specified Carol Song
So, You're a Writer? OR (Meeting My Wife's Boyfriend) Canada Jaspaul .Seehra
Streets of Rebellion United Kingdom Kristian Hardiman
I KILLED TONIGHT! United Kingdom Mark Palmer
Perfect France Ken White
It Can't Happen to Me France James Nowlan
The Voices Not Specified James Nowlan
Stargazer United States ChefMatt Reviews
Shepherds Gone Wild United States Joey Maranto
Room Service United States Nieves Garcia Perchin
Preposterous Not Specified Khaled Sultan
Last Night _Short Script France Jahnvi Pananchikal
Redemption United States Joshua Allen
Questioning United States Joshua Allen
Six to Wash United States Joshua Allen
The Outcasts Germany Alkyoni Valsari
Dr. Apples: The Eye United States Dr Apples
Stacks United Kingdom Brad Brookes
Oscarville United States Kevin Gardner
Reset Button United States Paul Root
The Change United States Cynthia Zeiden
FAIR DUBS United Kingdom David Chambers
Good Grief United States Josh Nadler
Hal, The Spud King of Japan United States John Thibault
Love, Cupid Not Specified Spencer Stephens
Headlights Over Arizona Not Specified Spencer Stephens
Where the Fish Swim United States Adlih Torres
SAFFRON Canada Hamid Tamjidi
Charlie and the Unexplained United States Eric La Febre
Barkoo's Amerie Australia Richie Valentino
Wired United States Edward Galloway
The Alpha Complex United States Fentress Films
Why Are You Not Scared United States Juliano Angeliano
The Fallen United Kingdom Mark Ramsey
The Resume Egypt amr barakat
Don Appetit! United States Jay Stamatis
DEEPER ME Colombia Andres Galeano
END OF DAYS United States Danny Alex
BOSS LADY...the Legend United States Meshall Shumate
High School Lullaby (No Name) United States Dave Stishan
Perry United States RJ Watson
Happy Sandwiches United States Deborah Scheuffele
The Space Between Men United States Valerie McCaffrey
Dogs, Irish, Blacks United States Devone Jones
Mincemeat Manor United States Shira Zimbeck
Exposures United States Rich Underwood
The Fabricators of Eccentricities: Arizona United States Bob DiRoss
Jewels of Light Pilot United States Tessie Herrasti
Child of the Disappeared United States Michael Holliday
Ghost Gunner United States Lesley Galaida
The Memory Thief United States Steven Bogart
Don't Not Be Dancing United States Jefferson Parson
How Mine Will Be Korea, Republic of Boryeong Lee
How Mine Will Be Korea, Republic of Boryeong Lee
Game India Neha Shrivastava
I Will Wait (J´Attendrai) Spain Alexandra Lopez Galan
Someone Else's War United States John Prather
I'm So Done | One Tough Cookie | Pilot | 34 pgs |08_08_21.pdf United States Rachael Berman &             Chuck Alley
SOUL'S ON FIRE United States Joseph L Harrison
A Good Thing United States sean hinds
Phantom United States Korea Black
The Rising Of Dawn And Her Vampire Crew-Greed recent edit. United States brian painter
Down With It United States Melanie Sovran Wolfe
Cut the Cord: The Hedgehog’s Leap Russian Federation Kostan Chess
Vortex United States Ricardo Moreno Jr
Atlantis Attacks United States Hayden Black
Lady G.I.'s United States Aundrea Washington
The Big Payback United States Aundrea Washington
A Nun And An Officer United States James Anthony
Sammy and Dave (Unlucky in Love) Australia Noel Anderson