Roberto Romano

Head of Jury for Feature Screenplays

Roberto was born in Italy, in 1997. He has a bachelor's degree in Cinema, television and multimedia production at Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna and He is currently attending a master's degree in Production and Screenwriting at La Sapienza - University of Rome.

Meanwhile, He is working as production assistant at Fantasmagorie Studio, a stopmotion animation studio based in Rome.

Olena Chepurna

Head of Jury for Short Screenplays

Olena Chepurna is award-winning Ukrainian screenwriter. She was born and raised in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Interpreter and teacher by profession, in 2014 she set up the Language School, creating her own method of teaching English through movies and screenplays.
Having an idea of a language-learning sitcom and animated family movie, she enrolled in screenwriting school.

Paul G Andrews

Head of Jury for Super Short Screenplays

Paul G Andrews is an English screenwriter, who in 2005 established international television production and media sales company GlobalWatch, working with a host of multi-national companies at CEO level. He has interviewed and collaborated with senior government officials. Paul established  GlobalWatch Films in 2013 to produce a slate of feature films, from lower budget comedies and psychological horror features to larger budget films aimed at the North American studio market. He completed six films in 2016/17 which have all made profits for investors and has a slate of nine high profile projects in development with Oscar Winning/Nominated partners including three more projects with Tom Keneally (Man Booker Prize winning author of Schindler's List, later and 7 Oscar Winning Spielberg films). Paul's two most recent films have both won multiple international awards. Anglo-Indian film Boogie Man and Canadian co-production Juliana & the Medicine Fish have won 60 international awards between them, with 5 additional nominations. He is also a multi-award-winning writer in his own right, with writing projects that he has contributed to or written himself, achieving 30 wins across four screenplays. These projects include Irish epic The Great Hunger, gangster/crime movie Gorger, historical drama An Island Apart, and coming-of-age/gang/drama project On Par.

Chuck Johnson

Head of Jury for Television Screenplays

Chuck Johnson  is a producer, director, writer and action film actor. He is also the founder of Quiet Flame Productions (Tokyo) and Quiet Flame Films (CA) and over his 20 year career, he has worked internationally on over 100 films, television shows, video games and commercials in Japan, the US, Thailand, and the Philippines.