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Worth The Weight

124 pages
Screenwriter: Peter Panagos (United States) 

An overweight man in his 30s struggles with love and life. He attempts to change his luck in love without having to completely change himself.

Mrs Saxena at the Hotel Grand

88 pages
Screenwriter: Yanush AHY (United Kingdom)
Genre: Dramedy

Logline: After a chance meeting of two people, four lives are changed forever. An astonishing story you wish it was your own. 
Adapted from the novel by Elizabeth Taylor and the movie: "Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont".
Blonde and blue-eyed SIDARTHA WINOR (Sid) is a Busker and aspiring, albeit blocked, writer. Much to his widowed, Indian mother's dismay, he takes a job house-sitting, and finds himself in the plush borough of Chelsea, in London, where he soon encounters Mrs. ASHNA SAXENA.
Mrs. Saxena is an elderly, Indian widow displaced from her England home by a flash flood. She takes lodging at the Hotel Grand in London and hopes to spend some time with her grandson, SHAAM. But he never shows up. After twisting her ankle in the street, she is rescued by Sid. She invites him to dinner to show her gratitude. When she announces a guest is coming to dinner, everyone assumes it's the much spoken of grandson.
Sid agrees to enter the Hotel Grand community pretending to be Shaam. The hotel regulars immediately adore him. Mrs. Saxena becomes both livelier and happier as a result of her new friendship with Sid. However, things become more complicated when the real Shaam visits unannounced and Saxena must rush to conceal his identity.
Through all of this Mrs Saxena does her best to help Sid with his own romantic troubles, particularly with his new girlfriend, GEETA GUNJ and also his dealings with his mother, SONIA WINOR. Mrs. Saxena also finds herself entangled in love, and fends off a proposal from the kindly MR. OSMOND that leads to an astonishing twist.


104 pagesScreenwriter: Michael Aston (Australia) 

 A writer goes to greece to write the great screenplay amidst the mayhem and turmoi of modern Greek politics. A journey that will take him to the very heart of himself.

The Priest and the Private Eye

106 pages
Screenwriter: Michael Aston (Australia)

A ex priest turned private eye tracks down a serial killer murdering students in a ritualistic fashion on a religious campus university, only to have bad cops and church officials stand in his way.

The Billy Whispers Gang

55 pages
Screenwriter: Michael Aston (Australia)

Three brilliant disabled factory workers pull off a daring million dollar heist, using their individual disabilities as an advantage, rather than as a disadvantage.


26 pagesScreenwriter: Larisa Vödisch-Nikitina (Switzerland)

Three thieves create plans for making big money.

The Three Days
of The Lion

60 pages
Screenwriter: Jose Martinez (United States)

Based on a true story and The Apostles' Creed, the story postulates what may have happened during the three days immediately following the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and preceding his ascension.

Last Island
former "Big Bang and back"

114 pages
Screenwriter: Manfred Winter (Austria)

With our greed and stupidity, we will one day exterminate ourselves.
-Stephen Hawking.


89 pages
Screenwriter: Robert Kouba (Switzerland)

Thomas Machliar is a young and successful writer. He is about to close a great deal with Hollywood. Hollywood wants to film its trilology. However, the third book is still missing. 
Time is running out and Thomas hasn't finished the third book yet. It turns out that Thomas is not the actual writer, but that his father is the real author of his books. Thomas vehemently denies that. A fanatical fan of Thomas doesn't believe him and feels cheated. 
The fan tries to shoot Thomas at an event. But it only hits him on the shoulder. All this excitement leads to his father having a stroke and having to go to the hospital. He can no longer write for his son. Desperate, Thomas believes the deal with Hollywood is off. But he finds out that his father has already written the third book and the manuscripts are in his office. Thomas is saved. The deal takes place, so there's a big party going on in Los Angeles. 
At this party, Thomas learns that his father has died. Desperate, Thomas flies home again. He decides to finally tell the truth and writes a script about himself and his father called


89 pages
Screenwriter: Robert Kouba (Switzerland)

Mike Fletcher, a young man living with his mother, succeeds together with his friends to hack into a secret government database. They discover that the US government is running a top secret program called the HIDP Program, the Hybrid Invasion Defense Program. Government personnel knew that aliens have abducted humans and altered their DNA to create alien-human hybrids. Some alien-human hybrids had now been captured and interred in camps somewhere in the desert.

Mike decides to search for these secret camps and finds the S-1 Facility. He meets a girl outside the S-1 Facility but they are both caught by the military and jailed in the camp. Mike is interrogated by Madlovsky, the military head of the S-1 Facility. Madlovsky tries to find out how Mike hacked into the secret military database and how he found the S-1 Facility. Mike does not cooperate.

He learns that the girl is called Ingrid. Ingrid is not a Hybrid but she had been abducted by Aliens and will help the Aliens to guide Humans when the “big change” comes. Ingrid does not know what the big change might be. Meanwhile Terence, a friend of Mike and also a member of the Hacker group, is trying to find Mike but without success.

He decides to turn over some of the secret material to a Newspaper Journalist, Peter Sedlensky. After initial hesitation Sedlensky publishes the information about the secret HIDP Program and the prison camps. The White House holds a press conference and denies the existence of any such program or camps. Mike, still interned in the camp, and learns that neither the military nor the government has any real clue what the Hybrid Program is and what kind of Alien Invasion they might expect.

Gimme Shelter Part Three

110 pages
Screenwriter: Kevin O’Neal AKA Dave Davidson

This is a love, sex and action story. Officer Jack Bordowski is a Viet Nam Veteran who battles to reintegrate with society. When things get tough he turns to his wife Mary’s arms for comfort. Facing crime on the streets of New York and a lot of family disasters, this man needs a lot of shelter. This script contains descriptive sex and violence.

Broad Shoulders

21 pages
Screenwriter: Samson Ari Ziegelman

A young adult reminisces on his time spent at a psychiatric hospital in Chicago and the incredible people he met there.

Karma is a Bitch

23 pages
Screenwriter: Stephanie Whitmoyer  

KARMA IS A BITCH follows a fashion designer who was forced into a life of sex and drugs by those who hold power beyond the red carpet. Once she breaks free from her abusers, She plots a plan of revenge. 
For the ultimate deception, she makes the drastic decision to get plastic surgery making her unrecognizable to anyone in her past. She then lures her first abuser into a sexy seduction where she bides her time until she reveals her real identity and her sadistic plan to end his life. 
Leaving him with one last thought… KARMA IS A BITCH!


95 pages
Screenwriter: Virginia Mariposa

Amphibian-smitten Navy junior develops supernatural powers to defend his father's Cape Canaveral missile launch from his arch enemy, Cobrahead.


115 pages
Screenwriters: RJ Shick, D. P. McCarthy  
A retro-themed evening at a skating rink gets complicated by four inter-connected stories:  -A talented young gay skater longs for a relationship with a 37yo, but the family man is mostly just interested in watching the beautiful skater and fantasizing a life where he made less conservative choices.
 -A new employee with a passion for nostalgia learns to change his outlook when he learns the rink is not as cool as it seems.
 -A pair of Tiktok prankers cross paths with a teen girl who hooks them into a wild conspiracy surrounding the arcade scores, but she may have more to do with it than she's letting on. 
 -The party-man and host of the skating event does regular announcements to hype the skaters. When he rudely turns down a come-on from a young girl, his self-appointed crowd worker, he finds out that without her help he can't excite the audience like he used to, so he concocts a sketchy plan to get her back on his team.

The Recital

Screenwriter: Helen Louise Taylor

A former violin prodigy rekindles her love of music and finds the strength to overcome drug addiction and trace her abducted child. Set in present day Venice, the story draws on motifs from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and bridges past and present through a violin once played by one of Vivaldi’s scholars and which now offers a chance for salvation to a young, destitute mother.

A Good Return

Screenwriter: Helen Rana

Lilah’s had three strokes of luck in her life – rape, blackmail and being battered half to death by a VIP. Travelling to her Caribbean island home after seventeen years in London, she finds that life there has changed in her absence. Money's everything now. She needs to find a way to make a good return, and make things right with her family.

Hot Toddy

Screenwriter: Scott Cox

An outlandish trash collector becomes a cult figure in the absurd world of darts in 1970's England. Inspired by actual events.

The Christians - Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile

Screenwriter: Tony Gioutsos

Exploring the harrowing times of Christian persecution in history, a devoted present-day believer answers God’s call to greatness.

The Beginning of the Rest of your Life

Screenwriter: Margot Pitts

Lucy is an overworked, exhausted, and unhappy woman in her early 20s living in NYC. She feels as though her life post-college is repetitive and dull and is struggling to find her purpose. On one particularly wild evening, Lucy reaches her breaking point and overdoses on a combination of drugs. She wakes up in the hospital and is surprised to see both her parents there. She spends the weekend at home with her family. Her father promises her that he will attend a concert with her weekly to get her spirits up. When she returns to NYC she is given a second chance at life and explores new romance, exciting prospects at work, and attends concerts with her father. Lucy learns that your 20s are some of the most defining years in your life and it is important to be present during them.


Screenwriter: DeAndre Harris

Stuck in a coma, Lorenzo creates a dream world where he tries to escape with the help of his friends before they all get stuck there and relive the events that unfold.

The Fighting First

Screenwriter: Alex Peter Stephens

An interwoven story of a young Army officer leading his men through the harrowing battles of WWII and his 14-year-old son, 32 years later, wrestling with understanding his ailing father's past and the changing world around him.

The Fallen

Screenwriter: Mark Ramsey

In the fantasy world of Angels, demons and all things mythical it sees a ferocious war rage between the heaven’s armies and the demon lord Satan. In this epic fantasy we see Michael test the might of himself and has to regain Gods faith in order to find the missing Fallen angels and deliver them the justice they deserve but things go wrong and Michael is forced into a place, nobody dare to end up, not even a powerful angel. In this mythical land, painted with farms of Lavender, everyone hides a sin or two. How can such an elegant flower survive in such a harsh place. Well, people need to make a living. Lavender is the lifeblood of these inhabitants; it is the heart of this world. With faith comes the ability to perform miracles.

Desperate Measures

Screenwriter: Helen Rana

At thirty-seven, with the ancestral home falling down around his ears, amenable English Lord Jake is obliged to search for a suitable, wealthy bride who can keep the family estate afloat. Unfortunately, he’s deeply in love with the skint, radical black activist L’Wren, who makes him keep their relationship secret to avoid being seen as a race and class traitor. His friend’s assistant Zola sets him up with an assortment of rich singletons, whilst falling for him herself. And some of his dates have other, more unpleasant things in mind...


Screenwriter: Dr. Beth-Anne Blue

In purgatory after an attempt to take her own life, a young woman must decide if her life is worth fighting for with the help of an unlikely healer.