2023 Autumn Edition

Project TitleDurationCountry of OriginWriters
An Arbor Day Celebration12 PagesUnited StatesMichael Normandy
The Loser's Club118 PagesUnited StatesJonathan Turner Smith
Drama Queen119 PagesUnited StatesStephanie Scott
Control of the Dirt103 PagesUnited StatesLouise Schwarz
The Mountaineers of Katoomba90 PagesUnited StatesBradley Michael Alonzo
The Blossom: A Short Film12 PagesUnited StatesShahnaz Mahmud
The Stars Above19 PagesUnited StatesMax Rose
BeatNikki's Café114 PagesUnited StatesRenee James
Overdue 17 PagesUnited StatesJanna Jones
Postage Due7 PagesUnited StatesJanna Jones
The Bard61 PagesUnited StatesJay Apking, Amanda Cifaldi
Egghead9 PagesNot SpecifiedAndrew C Oleson
Lincoln at Congo Square99 PagesUnited StatesRick D. Bailey
The Changing Station119 PagesUnited StatesRenee James
The Star Thrower97 PagesUnited StatesKathleen Welton
One Mad Apple 113 PagesUnited StatesLaurie Asbourne, Tom Pratt
"Luck"50 PagesUnited Kingdom
Ahoy for Joy115 PagesUnited KingdomKeith Reilly
This Is The Life25 PagesUnited StatesD Warren Rose
JACK'D52 PagesCanadaMike Ede
Cruise of the Amberjack114 PagesUnited StatesE. Lyn Foster
The Light At The End15 PagesCanadaLynda Simmons
The Accidental Terrorist64 PagesUnited KingdomStewart A Fergus, Geoff Lewis
LIFE IS TANGO - DANCE IT WELL95 PagesSpainAntonio Bellido Marin
Kill All Your Darlings16 PagesUnited StatesJohn Lawrence Shea
#instaboys112 PagesUnited StatesMatthew Rodney Chess
London After Dark22 PagesSwitzerlandStephanie Ilona Horvath
The Trench Foot and Bullnose Morris Men133 PagesUnited KingdomBrian Luff
Marwood90 PagesUnited KingdomWilliam Turner Brett
Time's Exchange13 PagesNot SpecifiedKhaled Sultan
The Edge - Episode One "Into The Past"54 PagesUnited StatesGary F St. Martin
J. Appleseed94 PagesUnited StatesLenny Britton
The Last Temptation of Mary15 PagesUnited StatesMike Farragher
Replacement66 PagesUkraineBorys Shusterman
Olvidado101 PagesUnited Statesd. b. Roderick
Woof Intervention9 PagesUnited StatesRosa Nilda Falu
Acting for Dummies110 PagesUnited StatesStuart Alan Pollack
Wish Granting Factory80 PagesUkraineOlena V Chepurna
The Loss We Bear115 PagesUnited States
Avithos (Abyss)7 PagesGreeceKostis Rampavilas
Fate Bender91 PagesUnited States
12 Angry Jurors97 PagesUnited StatesVaughn Roste
A School Day7 PagesItalyRoberto Romano, Valeria Denise Cantera Guzman
The Loss of Innocence11 PagesItalyDonatella Corrado
Your Call is Important to Us10 PagesCanada
Longa Manus113 PagesUnited States
Eastbound Traffic82 PagesJapanChuck Johnson
The Devil Wears Flannel115 PagesUnited StatesTK Sheffield
When I Stop Dreaming120 PagesGermanyNatalie MacMahon
The Great Hunger154 PagesUnited KingdomPaul G. Andrews, Thomas Keneally, Meg Keneally, Roland Joffé
ELEMENTARY, DEAR WATSON, HE'S A VAMPIRE!105 PagesUnited StatesKevin M Glover
Dr. Apples® Pilot- The Journey27 PagesNot SpecifiedLacye A Brown
An Odd Couple9 PagesCzech RepublicMarko Pyhtilä
Midnight Blues95 PagesGreeceIannis Aliferis
L-822 PagesUnited StatesGillian Rabin
The Cry of Milan / Der Schrei des Milan120 PagesSwitzerlandJoachim H. Böttcher
THE HOLY GRAIL105 PagesUnited States
Lunch12 PagesUnited StatesDeAndre Harris II, Joshua Diolosa
Renegade man49 PagesNot SpecifiedPeter Christopher Velez
The Memory Keeper117 PagesUnited StatesChu-Yun (Ruby) Huang
WorthIt123 PagesUnited StatesAnnika Connor
The Wind8 PagesUnited StatesAdam Peditto
(I'll Never Find) Another You115 PagesUnited StatesMichael Alan Elliott
Life Through the Lens54 PagesUnited States
The Makeover Man110 PagesUnited StatesAdam Sandel
The Lips Say "Goodnight"5 PagesUnited StatesIan Johan McCormack
A Drawer Full of Socks and Not a Single Pair138 PagesUnited KingdomGareth Meadows
Angus' Birthday Bash46 PagesUnited KingdomCraig George Terrell Morris
GOOD DEVILS115 PagesUnited StatesKarpov Krushcheve
UNCIRCUMCISED LOVE 104 PagesUnited StatesHelise Stamos
ROCKET92 PagesUnited StatesAlex Bessa

2023 Summer Edition

Project TitleDurationCountry of OriginWriters
Hometown The Musical108 PagesUnited StatesDennis J Manning
As Scared As You83 PagesUnited StatesJesse Dorian
BLOOD, SCUM & NEON LIGHTS120 PagesUnited StatesBrett Howard Nelson
Pen & Pencil: Graduation 6 PagesUnited StatesDevone Jones
Dark Blue86 PagesNot SpecifiedBen Sarro
"One Man's Trash" Pilot Episode - Can We Keep It36 PagesUnited StatesD. F. Wright
The Legendary Adventures of the Frontier Garrison112 PagesUnited StatesTom Vecchio
The Black Paintings30 PagesUnited KingdomFinn Weatherstone
Last Tattoo30 PagesUnited StatesStephanie M Barton-Farcas
For Those We Love and Cherish100 PagesUnited StatesSheldon Jay Kaplan, Lee Jacob Kaplan
Unripe7 PagesUnited StatesP.M Nelson
DISARMA95 PagesUnited States
Until You Are Loved60 PagesUnited StatesDashiell Finley
The Bad Guy28 PagesUnited StatesMelisa Mathis Raney
Synopsis Nasha born on a rainy day1 PageItalyFabiola Medici
Christmas Witch - Feature Script125 PagesUnited StatesDalea Cherie Faulkner, Martina Beate Webster
Pecan Falls52 PagesUnited StatesRachel Billings
The World Turned Upside Down (April, 2023)114 PagesUnited StatesDennis O'Flyng
Crayola Zen101 PagesUnited StatesMike Green
Shrimp Heads15 PagesUnited StatesGeorgie Morvis
RUTH19 PagesUnited StatesRachael Worthington
The Fourth96 PagesCanada
Now;102 PagesUnited StatesSamuel James Hanson
Tattoo116 PagesUnited KingdomKonrad Maximilian Piotrowski
A CALL TO ARMS138 PagesUnited KingdomJulian Poulter
Suitcase of Memories13 PagesUnited StatesEdwin N. Domachowski
Opposition16 PagesUnited StatesEon Song
Pet Peeves34 PagesUnited StatesDenai Carrillo
Robot Asteroid137 PagesCanadaPaul May
The Mob TrapNot Specified
L.O.B.E.92 PagesUnited StatesDavid Hunter Fein
The Garden5 PagesUnited StatesA.M. Chester
Moving With Baby AFF99 PagesUnited StatesWilliam Hovey Smith
The Great Sabotage 45 PagesItalymichelangelo franchini
Don't Forget To Pay35 PagesUnited StatesKyle Marvin
The Smile of December122 PagesUnited StatesJonathan Vickers
The Unicorn (Revised Final)14 PagesUnited StatesSpencer Clinton Bolanos (Kirby Bendito)
Fetal Position 3 PagesUnited StatesTabatha Jeaux Dummitt
Sin Salvation82 PagesUnited StatesTaylor Morales
Forget-Me-Nots107 PagesUnited States
Virgin Mojito27 PagesHungaryKata Varga
The French Kiss (V2)6 PagesUnited KingdomMike Patrick Johnston
Blueberry Smoothie - Script13 PagesUnited KingdomDarren Lee Murphy
A Picture Worth Every Word96 PagesUnited StatesPat Stone
In The Shadows of November (Pilot Script)54 PagesUnited StatesBill Albert
Coronary Artery61 PagesUnited StatesKhameron Townsend-Riley
Incident on Highway 7119 PagesCanadaJ. Aldric Gaudet
Who They?92 PagesUnited Kingdom
Finding a Silver Lining118 PagesUnited StatesAli Kiani
Corazon Matters119 PagesUnited States
The Mali Empire123 PagesUnited StatesDewane Alexander
The Arrangement100 PagesUnited StatesKátia Kieling
Learning to Land118 PagesUnited Statesjodi Elizabeth Levitan
Winter Bird109 PagesUnited StatesStephen Delos Treacy
Ice Creamatorium 30 PagesUnited StatesJoshua T McQueen
Beguiling5 PagesUnited StatesLacye A Brown
The Art Majors40 PagesUnited StatesKyle Gregory Duncan
How Far38 PagesUnited StatesChris Inekhomon
Set Aside People30 PagesUnited StatesCatherine Stanley
Lefusory79 PagesUnited StatesAmy Garson
An Exclusive24 PagesUnited StatesWenzler W Powers
What Kind of Woman86 PagesUnited States
MY NAME IS JONAS74 PagesUnited StatesCory David Bortnicker
The Ballad of River Kendricks: da prologue8 PagesUnited StatesJason Mendoza
Opus117 PagesUnited StatesDylan C. Brown
Night Heat116 PagesUnited States
I/O (Input-Output)11 PagesUnited StatesMolly J Vernon
Dragonlands (synopsis)1 PageUnited StatesAndy McQuinn
EXISTENCE IS FUTILE7 PagesUnited StatesSteve Wyatt
Revenge of the Servants of the Gods120 PagesUnited KingdomJudy Elizabeth Brulo
Timebound33 PagesNew ZealandDanny Phillips
From the Ashes 36 PagesUnited KingdomHarry James Lay
You're Dating A Lesbian15 PagesUnited StatesDavis Eleanor Mathis
Starship Explorer: The Alien Chef24 PagesGermanySebastian Binder

2022/23 Spring Edition

Project TitleDurationCountry of OriginWriters
Morituriosis67 PagesUnited StatesJesse Dorian
The Agreement 103 PagesUnited States
The Four Of Us Are Dying100 PagesUnited StatesJesse Dorian
Pistachio Caramel8 PagesSwedenRouzbeh Noori
Super Nova15 PagesUnited StatesJonathan Cardell Sims
Oroboro Island48 PagesUkraineOleg Bazylewicz, Karen Buckton
Seven Moments in Time12 PagesIrelandDave Thomas
The Arrangement100 PagesUnited StatesKátia Kieling
Three For Hire: Revenge of the Mescalero Apache108 PagesUnited StatesDAN BURLE, SR
Demons, Judgement Day117 PagesCanadaSean O'Neil
The Shadow PPL103 PagesUnited States
A Tale of BondageUnited StatesAli Kiani
Valentine9 PagesUnited StatesDevon Kelley
The Secret Codex113 PagesUnited StatesKevin Pike, Hans Sluijter
Skinned107 PagesUnited States
Lady Luck7 PagesUnited StatesKatie Nocerino
PERVERT12 PagesUnited StatesLuis Zaldivar
"Enter the Room" Screenplay15 PagesUnited StatesHarry Waldman
FOR THE LOVE OF LATTE103 PagesUnited Statesmiriam e bavly
Death Sucks34 PagesUnited StatesLena Cigleris
GOING T*TS UP!94 PagesUnited Kingdomjay wheddon
A Player's Paradox109 PagesUnited Kingdom
TWINKS129 PagesUnited StatesKeith Soforic
"The Rock in the Sea"23 PagesIrelandNiall Duffy
Flawed Choir47 PagesUnited StatesSlava Stepnov
More Going Down163 PagesUnited StatesDennis j Manning
The Wave of the Future7 PagesUnited StatesLovinder Singh Gill
Son of a Sheriff48 PagesUnited StatesTravis Davidson
Windy113 PagesUnited StatesLisa Formisano Wilson
The Hitchcock Murders107 PagesUnited StatesAndy Maycock
The progress of humanity7 PagesPeruHugo Flores Figueroa
Shady Glen (Screenplay)114 PagesUnited States
Fuchsia Fox110 PagesUnited StatesNilgoon Askari, James Leon
Moonlight and Mayhem46 PagesUnited StatesLYNDA REISS, TARA TREMAINE
DO NOT OPEN12 PagesNot SpecifiedBrian Barnes
Still on time - Eng117 PagesItalyMauro Rancan
The Adagio101 PagesUnited StatesGerald C Wood
Intimacies108 PagesUnited StatesGerald C. Wood
The Frontline: The Nurses Strike Back89 PagesUnited StatesMatthew Santi, Emanuel Bryant
The Ride12 PagesUnited StatesAlysha Haran
Off His Meds117 PagesUnited StatesLuis Ortiz, Tsunami Ortiz
COURSES, RECURRENCE AND ...REFUNDS.10 PagesItalyLuciano D. Urietti
Belladonna60 PagesUnited States
Ravenous106 PagesUnited StatesDanielle Jean Tjoelker
Talk Like Somebody’s Listening120 PagesUnited StatesRyan Costello
Partners15 PagesUnited StatesNicholas Ryon Joseph, Jerry Ferrell
Win A Date With Rachel Ciemone106 PagesUnited StatesRegina Junior
Party of Four13 PagesNot SpecifiedJen Sheridan Propp
WEATHERING IT105 PagesUnited StatesLynn Vincentnathan