2024 Summer Edition

First Name Last Name Project Title Duration Country of Origin
Rachael Berman &             Chuck Alley I'm So Done_Pilot 02/04/2024 25 Pages United States
Gianluca Danieli The Shaolin Nun 118 Pages United Kingdom
William Danze Dormmates 114 Pages United States
Chase Stewart Kurma (2024) 27 Pages United States
Douglas Heil The Four Flames (screenplay, song links, lyrics, pitch deck) 88 Pages United States
Chung Dha Lam Cup of tea 4 Pages Netherlands
George Alexander Birds of Lithium 13 Pages United States
Madison Walters Life's a Witch 108 Pages United States
Simeon Lumgair One for Sorrow 100 Pages United Kingdom
Andrew Vidgen Madam 5 Pages United Kingdom
Jasmine Eden Gray The Fax Affair 72 Pages Australia
Pozsgai Zsolt BOND AND CLODE 116 Pages Hungary
jay wheddon F.F.S! 106 Pages United Kingdom
Carlo Massimo Doruntine 108 Pages United States
Sophie Neville A Boy Called Freddie 110 Pages United Kingdom
Dimitri Devyatkin Pharaoh 106 Pages United States
Eric Sollars Paperboys 103 Pages United States
James Steele Haney ReddeR 104 Pages United States
Guido Maria Giordano 1000 - The Sword in the Stone series (Episode #1: The Druid, the Sword and the Raven) 117 Pages Italy
Ruth Garnes The Cry Of Our Children 170 Pages Not Specified
Laura Elliott Beyond The Rivers of Babylon 105 Pages United States
Kathleen Welton Queen of Hearts 102 Pages United States
DANIEL FALCONE Shampoo Horns 96 Pages United States
Armando P Ibanez Maggie 18 Pages United States
Nova Hynes WINDSWEPT 10 Pages Ireland
Matt Anderson Following 94 Pages United States
Craig Peters The Mythical Golden Trout 107 Pages United States
Angel Martinez Katrina 119 Pages United States
Diane Thomassin SINGLE GIRL'S GUIDE TO NARCISSISTS 83 Pages United States
LINDA PALLOTTA The Friend 191 Pages United States
Gary Sherwood FREE HUNTER 108 Pages United States
Bob Finocchioli The Positive Kid 120 Pages United States
Steven Hart Overwhelming Darkness 113 Pages United Kingdom
Melanie Villines JANE PHILLIPS (TV Pilot) 53 Pages United States
Patrick Bailey Just Talk 10 Pages United Kingdom
Nan Schmid The Language of Wolves 106 Pages United States
Jason Davidson Katie Sterling 119 Pages Not Specified
Jamie Lorusso-Zyskind Brothers and Sisters 126 Pages Australia
Cash Anthony The Swindler's Apprentice 50 Pages United States
Kevin Brodie Ravine 111 Pages United States
Dale Melgaard The Phatman 38 Pages United States
Gabriel Campisi Heir to the Beat 68 Pages United States
Erik Sudberg Red Sequin 68 Pages United States
Jasmine Aziz Here She Comes 35 Pages Canada
Ilham Rahimov Midnight of The Shah 116 Pages Azerbaijan
Toby Smith Playback 1 Page United Kingdom
Aaron Heinrich The Killing Dream 118 Pages United States
Joshua Marc Allen Questioning 90 Pages United States
Polina Komissarova The Ashen Veil 61 Pages United States
Clay Callender The Shadow Falls 104 Pages United States
Mark Wakely NUNS WITH GUNS 107 Pages United States
Sam Vaghani Beyond the Basin 128 Pages United States
Dakota  Banks Bound By Blood 54 Pages United States
Gordon Roback Scorched Earth 121 Pages Canada
Monte Albers de Leon Good 132 Pages United States
 Michael J. Volpe MAFIA PROM DATE 46 Pages United States
Peter Gould Parallel Lives 22 Pages United Kingdom
markus meedt A/Sexual 16 Pages United Kingdom
Chad Hutson Good News Gary 106 Pages United States
Linda Butorac Jessie's Saint 117 Pages United States
Eliza Power A Hand to Hold 10 Pages United Kingdom
Joseph Anthony Francis FORBIDDEN 23 Pages United States
Staci Edelstein The Secret Love Affair 25 Pages United Arab Emirates
William McNeill House Money 110 Pages United States
Mike Gallagher The Deadline 22 Pages United States
William Louis The price of love 13 Pages France
Kristin Leary Alabama Jubilee 23 Pages United States
Robert Isabella Deadly Diversion 122 Pages United States
Josh Bishop The Capricorn motel 113 Pages Australia
Charlie Finesilver HEIMRICH FARM edited abridged foreign subtitles 119 Pages United States
Colin Duncan Samson 108 Pages United Kingdom
Luca Giaggiolo Operation Sacred Cows 130 Pages Italy
            MUSIC WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. MUSIC WILL NEVER BE THE SAME .   124 Pages United States
Kent Flaagan It's A Reel Mother For Ya 9 Pages United States
Melanie Weiss Kids Today 120 Pages United States
Michael Fitzer Music Therapy 101 Pages United States
Katie Scharf , Spencer  MacIntyre
Wingo Wingo 2: On Angle's Wings 5 Pages Canada
Tatiana Nequete Island of Elephants 7 Pages Brazil
David Walton Smith Self Destruct With Me 16 Pages United States
Tracy Swanson Bagel Dog United States
Pete Torrey Safe Passage Guaranteed (Book) 317 Pages United States
LaMont Prospect LIMO GIRL 108 Pages United States
stephen hall Burke and Hare - The West Port Murders 90 Pages United Kingdom
Anthony Williams Heartstrings 12 Pages United States
Joseph Anthony Francis Pool Boy 20 Pages United States
Mike Briock The Fourth Night 94 Pages United States
Rachel Griffiths The Estate 11 Pages United Kingdom
M Hojiej haunted LAMENT 72 Pages United States
Rebekah Scheffelmaier Call Me Norma 17 Pages Canada
Joey Gu PharmacyNice 94 Pages United States
Melike Işık WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE? 14 Pages Turkey
Angie Comer Spitting Fire (FTP) 97 Pages United States
Paul Rochford Echoes of Solitude 20 Pages Australia
Adi Kostoris Somebody Likes You 103 Pages United Kingdom
Jacob Magee Virality 35 Pages United States
CR Sherman Please Remain Calm 7 Pages United States
Satchi Hover Father's Records 4 Pages United States
Jane Dafoe Rewiring Jade 101 Pages Canada
Julien Klink Virus 104 Pages Germany
Madeleine Stevens Two Minutes to Find Perfection 5 Pages United Kingdom
William Stewart Firecracker 14 Pages Canada
Spencer Lynn WHAT I'D GIVE YOU 25 Pages United States
Elizabeth Searle Lock Her Up 110 Pages United States
Rosalyn Rosen BLUEBIRD 119 Pages United States
Guido Pecorelli Omada 7 Pages Italy
Yvette Farmer Pumpkin Goulash 22 Pages United Kingdom
Ben Perez SPIRALMIND 102 Pages United States
Timothy Odom Jr Sugar Not Specified
Michael Graf Dead Horse Lake 92 Pages United States
louise wilding No More Gods. Episode 1. White Tiger 57 Pages United Kingdom
Kathryn Radmall Penumbra 52 Pages United Kingdom
Shannon Penrod Karen: White, Woke, and Looking for Good Customer Service 29 Pages United States
Steve Glickman Tags 93 Pages Canada
Nicolo' Donelli Fifteen dinars 5 Pages Italy
Mary Blewitt O Come, Emmanuel 80 Pages United States
Anthony Islas The Last Aztec Warrior 85 Pages United States
Steve Sides The Bearded Lady 111 Pages United States
paul larsen CODSWALLOP 102 Pages United States
Shari Umansky Immunity 101 Pages United States
Mehmet Atamen Atamen The Acquaintances 81 Pages Turkey
Janet Walker The Manhattan Project 108 Pages Not Specified
Bill Walker Whiskey Mountain Days 104 Pages United States
Stu Forrest Just Us Kids 102 Pages United States
Ronald McQueen The Professionals 11 Pages United Kingdom
Claire Lewis Thurlow Road 116 Pages United Kingdom
Sami Richey Light Em' Up 57 Pages United States
Joel Cousins SHUTDOWN 97 Pages Canada
Garrison Wells A tribe, a priest and baseball 128 Pages United States
Chris Warner Detective Show 30 Pages United States
Greg Lyon Avatar Heart (previously Reality Game) 120 Pages United States
Michael Dunker Love & Detroit 105 Pages Not Specified
Amanda Turner Product of the System: The Kristopher Sharp Story 84 Pages United States
Alejandra Chacón Kibombo jumps in Capital City (series) 43 Pages Mexico
Jack Williams Pilot: The Unified Field Theory of Love Episode 1 The False Reception 33 Pages Australia
simon iliopoulos A Saint and The Sinner 97 Pages Australia
Walt Alexander John Horse 105 Pages United States
Windsor Racine Bearing Witness 117 Pages United States
Ernestina Juarez SOUTH WIND COME 108 Pages United States
Sofia Dawalibi Ugolini Mr. Perfectly Ok 12 Pages United States
Michael Alter 'Til the Buzzer Sounds 90 Pages United States
Jill Ferrari South for Winter 29 Pages United States
JD Wallace THE FATED 50 Pages United States
María Elena González The Effects of Losing You 110 Pages United States
Stephen Settimi 12th Hour Painting "Painted in Blood" 107 Pages United States
Ernestina Juarez THE BANNER 110 Pages United States
Richard Geiwitz Throwdown at Broken Axe 101 Pages United States
Richard Geiwitz Big Brother 18 Pages United States
Richard Geiwitz Solomon's Choice 89 Pages United States
Richard Geiwitz Scapegoat 89 Pages United States
Olivia Webb Waters of Hedeby 38 Pages United States
Robert R Ramos The Mighty Mighty Hornets 126 Pages United States
Linda Kampley Small Talk 18 Pages United States
Nick Carmine How I Learned to Blog Like a Champ After the End of the World 83 Pages United States
Neil Goodchild Down At The Val 112 Pages United States
Ben Peddle Isabella 10 Pages United Kingdom
Anhtuan Do Reunion 91 Pages United States
Nicholas Hafner ANGELIC the musical 88 Pages United States
Kenny O'Connell The Shewsy 58 Pages United Kingdom
Eva-Marie Kung Pin Doll 18 Pages United Kingdom
Cheryl Wade The Luminous Child v.10.6 108 Pages Saint Kitts and Nevis
Anthony Moore Scorched Earth 101 Pages United States
d.b. Roderick Olvidado 118 Pages United States
Peter Hardy Veil 14 Pages United States
Naomi Lisner The Imbalance 102 Pages Australia
Mike Took Alabama Jubilee 109 Pages United States
OLGA BACOPOULOU A Breath Away 115 Pages Greece
Julie Ivers Ladies Of Versailles 26 Pages United States
Jon Wright Renaissance Boy 93 Pages United States
Francesca Brocchetta Solar Flare 7 Pages Italy
Diana Bond Amy and Dad 7 Pages United States
Justin D Pale 103 Pages United States
Joshua Chin Dentata 95 Pages Canada
Luciana Soares VITÓRIO NOLASCO: FORBIDDEN DESIRES 22 Pages United States
Gabriella Leonardi The Little Boy and The Duck on a Cliff's Edge - Feature Film 92 Pages United Kingdom
Craig Trumbo AI UNPLUGGED: THE TRINITY 102 Pages United States
Christian Bruyere The War Within Her 108 Pages Canada
Stephane CARPENTIER COUNT TO 10 192 Pages France
Kipp Howard God Eater 108 Pages Not Specified
Kyung-Ja Lee Little Tokyo Story 15 Pages United States
Kyung-Ja Lee K-Town Blues 116 Pages United States
Suzanne Jones Christmas Under the Mistletoe 95 Pages United States
Kit Wilson The Last Train From Berlin 94 Pages United States
Timothy Wilde The Fundamental Question 30 Pages Australia
Lance Sorenson The Interlude 116 Pages United States
Kevin Chess Wicked Smaht 93 Pages United States
Bryan Whorton Therapy 10 Pages United States
Jonny Swenson 3 Sins 28 Pages United States
Ernest Pick Besotted Boy! 100 Pages United States
Dee Mahoney Standing Still 102 Pages United States
Charlie Shoup Welcome to Hell 100 Pages United States
Netta Walker Baby Gay 14 Pages United States
Ashley Bowers Eye For An Eye 16 Pages United States
Simon wakelin MANIFESTO 98 Pages United States

2024 Winter Edition

Project TitleDurationCountry of OriginWriters
Bell Tolls12 PagesUnited KingdomSebastian Davis
W.I.N.N.E.R. Spells Loser10 PagesUnited KingdomElliot Stanton
The Lightkeeper's Tale7 PagesUnited StatesTim Walton
Hot Questions11 PagesUnited StatesAlexander Julian III
Ghost Walker81 PagesUnited StatesAlexander Julian
Family Cellars46 PagesUnited StatesJoseph Anthony Francis
Home For Christmas98 PagesUnited StatesJoseph Anthony Francis
The House With Two Front Doors92 PagesUnited KingdomLucy Mills
Drugs Cost Time7 PagesUnited KingdomLucas Reinke
The Teacher4 PagesUnited KingdomLucas Reinke
Speechless 11 PagesFranceLottie Andersen
The Stranger In Our Bed90 PagesUnited KingdomSamantha Lee Howe
Grief9 PagesUnited StatesKelly Cochran-Yzquierdo
Club Drama61 PagesUnited StatesKelly Cochran-Yzquierdo
Cortland Parkway50 PagesUnited StatesJoseph Anthony Francis
TUSK98 PagesUnited KingdomJAY WHEDDON
F.F.S!106 PagesUnited Kingdomjay wheddon
Just 14 The Script126 PagesUnited KingdomAndrew Taft, Terry Newman, Andy D Dale
The Colouring Book7 PagesUnited KingdomToby Smith
Pocket Money105 PagesUnited KingdomTeodora Pancheva
A Woman's Work13 PagesUnited KingdomToby Smith
Playground Insults6 PagesUnited KingdomToby Smith
Hopeless Romantics & Co.56 PagesUnited StatesNia Cherie Robinson
Egged6 PagesUnited StatesSamantha Jimenez Garcia
At Home with The Leader55 PagesUnited StatesFrancis Carling
Mallory (Short Script)23 PagesUnited StatesLiz Chiodo
Luckless30 PagesIreland
The Acting War17 PagesUnited StatesPortia Williams
Roulette9 PagesUnited KingdomGatlin Perrin
Tom's Diner14 PagesUnited StatesChristie Glascoe
Home Truths14 PagesUnited KingdomRichard Sloggett
Women of the Corinthian Cafe 120 PagesUnited StatesKandis Heckler
Alta California100 PagesUnited StatesLynn H. Elliott
Devil at the Door9 PagesUnited StatesCarden Luke Green
Mint Chocolate12 PagesUnited StatesMaiqi Zuo
Guilty Is Not Enough119 PagesUnited States
The Comet’s Messenger114 PagesUnited States
You Are My Oxygen85 PagesNot SpecifiedToby Smith
Zecyra63 PagesUnited KingdomGueniver Warren
Finding Home25 PagesUnited KingdomGueniver Warren
Ipsum Revelare10 PagesUnited StatesArmand Arekian
"Ban the Bullet"118 PagesUnited States
Ruby Ridge116 PagesUnited States
Will's Secret94 PagesUnited KingdomKevin Short
The ultimate Bet122 PagesUnited StatesFrank Victoria
School of Murder38 PagesUnited KingdomLuke Davies
Waiting for You 14 PagesUnited StatesJanna Jones
The FoldNot Specified
36 PagesUnited StatesCynthia Kern Obrien
Sin-eater104 PagesUnited StatesAaron Hamilton
You Should Not Of Come Here10 PagesUnited KingdomCharlie Oliver Ashton
White Lily & Night Rider15 PagesIndiaShoneel Shrikant Yallattikar
Self Improvement71 PagesUnited StatesSamuel Roberts
THE VIRGIN CAR THIEF105 PagesUnited StatesBruce Hickey
Without Roots111 PagesUnited StatesMelanie Hope Lang
ADAPTED1 PageUnited StatesAslan Dalgic
The Gift110 PagesAustraliaMiyuru Rambukwella
The Other Half Script13 PagesUnited KingdomOlga Bogdan
The Cutting Room3 PagesUnited KingdomToby Smith
Dead Divided108 PagesUnited StatesGregory Gibson
IL Bel Tenore (The Beautiful Tenor)76 PagesUnited StatesPeter Hurwitz
Minding Therapy97 PagesUnited StatesRos C Johnson
Nocturnal128 PagesUnited StatesPeter Hardy
Ready Set No!13 PagesNetherlandsWillem Hietkamp
Succubus In The Hood96 PagesUnited StatesJeffery A. Brown
Christian Morris94 PagesUnited StatesJ.A. Brown
Sanctuary of Shadows90 PagesNot SpecifiedMark A Donnell
The Last Prince - Pilot60 PagesUnited KingdomCellan Thomas
The Sands60 PagesUnited StatesHannah Looney, Jason Cortez
Two Harbors Pilot38 PagesUnited StatesBrian Lange Stemmler
Black Whisper100 PagesUnited StatesDebra Karr
VENGEANCE IS A LADY93 PagesUnited StatesMichael Williams
Scramble!82 PagesNew ZealandLaurence Marie Agnes OSTROWSKY
That's When the Music Died15 PagesUnited StatesAmanda Marino
The Academy of Kings 134 PagesFranceMarine Claire Puel
Sleepers, Awake (Stage Play)91 PagesUnited StatesAli Kiani
Suffer the Act95 PagesUnited StatesTony Bustamante
The Adventures Harris & Jermaine129 PagesUnited StatesAmber L White
Rear Windows6 PagesNot Specified
Separated By Force114 PagesUnited StatesJohh Ravitz
The Spanish Teacher89 PagesUnited StatesBarbara de la Cuesta
We Are Not The SameNot Specified
The kids who where not afraid of the wolf125 PagesSpainPablo Burgos-Bosch Ortega
Disposable111 PagesUnited States
Fear the Reaper128 PagesUnited StatesJason John Cicalese
I Love You So Much15 PagesUnited StatesTasha Hardy, Nono Tamura
Precious Seconds107 PagesUnited StatesPAUL BYRNE
Blood Trail96 PagesUnited StatesPaul Byrne
American Cowboy101 PagesUnited StatesKent Flaagan
MANITOUANA - When Time Stands Still71 PagesCanada
Fright Games119 PagesUnited KingdomSteven Paul McCarthy
Wishing on Stars95 PagesUnited StatesRosie Maddox
The Bearded Lady111 PagesUnited StatesSteve Troy Sides
Dark Sky35 PagesUnited StatesDiana Robertson Bond
Fatherhood15 PagesUnited KingdomRobin De Vernon Ryding, Lauren Wade
F***boys120 PagesUnited StatesAdam Sandel
Tiger Lukas116 PagesUnited StatesMarcus Looney
Promise Of Eve100 PagesUnited StatesKathleen M Caprario Ulrich
Mourning After105 PagesUnited StatesKathleen M Caprario-Ulrich
Grandma Böse17 PagesUnited StatesAlicia Hayes
Winslow's Warranty94 PagesUnited StatesWilliam Clark, Nathan Cox, Grace Clark
The Boys I Never Kissed66 PagesUnited States
Tempting Fate17 PagesUnited StatesTerry Luke Podnar
For The Freedom98 PagesUnited StatesHans Sluijter
Pretty Boy Towing Company109 PagesUnited StatesKirk Ray Shannon-Butts
Amics de Primeres55 PagesSpainSergi Gilabert Sempere
Three Pretty Girls100 PagesUnited StatesMichael J Dunker
Capri97 PagesUnited StatesMichael J Dunker
Next Time We Meet112 PagesUnited StatesRobert Gokay
Mistresses of Sleep77 PagesUnited StatesDexter E. Williams
Mensch on a Bench1 PageUnited StatesTracy Lynn Swanson
SOPHIA RETRIBUTION 117 PagesUnited StatesLeiter Daniellson
Prince of Chicago107 PagesUnited StatesBruce Hickey
CODSWALLOP102 PagesUnited Statespaul larsen
The Secret Life Of Jake Edwards54 PagesUnited StatesJeff Edmond
Intertwined in Silence1 PagePeruSebastian Alejandro Fernandez - Moris Rodriguez
Pampero27 PagesArgentinaGabriela Laura Nafissi
The Arrangement106 PagesUnited StatesDon L. Lorincz
IRENE13 PagesItalyValerio Pampaglini
Broken house19 PagesLatviaArturs Kozels
NUNS WITH GUNS107 PagesUnited StatesMark Wakely
Revenge in the Darkness108 PagesBrazilAlex Jones
Winter6 PagesUnited KingdomAriya Rajeev
The Strongman105 PagesUnited StatesTodd Ryan Jones
Tangled Tails5 PagesMoldova, Republic ofOleg Aurel Condrea
NATHAN128 PagesUnited StatesJP Christy, Fred Watkins, Jonathan Turner Smith
Master Guns'110 PagesUnited StatesPeter R Herlan
One More Yesterday116 PagesUnited StatesRonnie Larsen, Dennis Manning
The Hollow Earth180 PagesUnited StatesKenneth James
Fast Cash105 PagesUnited StatesCary Lee Singleton
Unhinged: Nut In Me22 PagesUnited StatesGabriella Shamah
Smiley Face15 PagesUnited KingdomLucas Reinke
The Boy with a Crooked Arrow7 PagesUnited StatesSteve Troy Sides
City Lights Reflecting22 PagesUnited StatesJohn Bullaro
Poor Players120 PagesUnited StatesRonald Kaehler
A Walk With The Wicked116 PagesUnited States
Closet Door119 PagesUnited StatesMoon Abbott
I Can't Wait to Leave 163 PagesUnited StatesMeg Butchart
Spin The Bottle84 PagesUnited StatesBill Sarine, Douglas Sarine
The Journeymen93 PagesUnited StatesTravis Andrew Campbell
Dr. Happy (Pilot)29 PagesUnited StatesRyan Hayes, Jamie Hoddinott, Ryan Buis
THE MEETING HOUSE97 PagesUnited KingdomSophie Rose Neville
Your Grandmother is a Witch!112 PagesCanadaMark Forler
Not Mrs. Singer117 PagesUnited KingdomJohn Clive Carter
A Boy Called Freddie103 PagesUnited KingdomSophie Rose Neville
Heartbeat by Heartbeat Screenplay18 PagesUnited StatesAlex Shores
RoboCapo 9 PagesUnited StatesMichael Cipiti
Hollywood Adjacent91 PagesUnited StatesRobert Franklin Godwin III
Birds of a Feather104 PagesUnited StatesTom Trinley, Based on the novel One for the Ark by Mary Hutchings Reed
The Ghosts of Crystal Lake96 PagesUnited StatesMario G. Lopez
Just Desserts10 PagesUnited StatesSarah Companioni
Dead Filter98 PagesUnited KingdomLuke Hunter
the balcon question9 PagesCanadacarlo ghioni
IRiS31 PagesUnited StatesRandall Reese
Pod Fifteen38 PagesCanadaPhilip Harris
THE EIGHTH MAN102 PagesItalySilvio Alfonso Nacucchi, Giada Nacucchi
Motherkiller104 PagesUnited StatesTerry Lynam
The Walking Wounded Limited Series Feature Length TV Pilot115 PagesAustraliaAndrew cahill-Lloyd
The Visitors101 PagesAustraliaAndrew Cahill-Lloyd
Ischaemic96 PagesAustraliaAndrew John Cahill-Lloyd
Take This Faux Turkey and Shove It!10 PagesNot SpecifiedMia Rivera
(I'll Never Find) Another You115 PagesUnited StatesMichael Alan Elliott
Nobody's Heroes100 PagesUnited StatesMichael Alan Elliott
Widow's Wishes43 PagesUnited StatesHolly Sawyer
Reality Is On To Something38 PagesUnited StatesHolly Sawyer
Soul Survivors - An Obsession Of The Heart Part One95 PagesUnited StatesAdam Poulos
1000 - The Sword in the Stone series (Episode #1: The Druid, the Sword and the Raven)117 PagesItaly
Christmas Under the Mistletoe100 PagesUnited StatesDeborah Suzanne Jones
Fear the Reaper128 PagesUnited StatesJason John Cicalese