About Us

Chicago Script Award is an IMDB qualifying screenplay festival that presents the best screenwriters in the world. We are looking for screenplays that we offer as a product to the world's independent film directors, producers, film investors and film productions.

Our festival combines productions that are looking for suitable scripts for their future projects. We also connect music creators and creators of music videos.

FilmFreeway has ranked our competition, the Chicago Script Awards, among the TOP15 THE MOST POPULAR SCREENWRITING COMPETITION in Chicago.

Short/Feature Review Pro Analysis - Standard contest submission + up to 3 pages of major Hollywood studio-style coverage with a 10-point professional analysis of character, conflict, marketability, dialogue, emotional investment, theme/premise, pacing, structure/plot, tone, and concept.

The reviewer has been at the forefront of competitions such as Nicholl Fellowship and the Austin Film Festival in 2019. He has written more than 10 feature films in a variety of genres - from drama, comedy, horror, to fantasy.

How can I submit my script?

We accept submissions through FilmFreeway.