2022/23 Winter Edition

Project TitleDurationCountry of OriginWriters
SVEN47 PagesUnited StatesJesse Dorian
Rough Harvest112 PagesUnited StatesLance C. Bradley
Donavan Emery, The Android & Himself110 PagesUnited StatesJesse Dorian
My Father the Queen48 PagesUnited StatesLisa N. Alexander
Windy City55 PagesUnited StatesJoseph Anthony Francis
Sadist54 PagesUnited StatesJennifer Jean Anderson
MIC CHECK; KARAOKE LOVE 119 PagesUnited StatesGregory Bonds
Criss Cross117 PagesUnited KingdomElizabeth Sylvia Player
Missy's Voice111 PagesUnited StatesKaren Goeller
Perfect Intentions120 PagesUnited StatesLisa Wassel
CornStalkers102 PagesUnited StatesMichael L Bayouth
SACRED SUN93 PagesUnited KingdomMichael Louis Gould
Kelly’s Killer Song88 PagesUnited StatesNathan Illsley, Geoff Levin
Unspeakable100 PagesUnited StatesWayne Egon Christensen, Leroy Stringer, Jr.
Drag Queen Ninjas100 PagesUnited StatesMichael Van Patten, Jason Fedusenko
Hold My Hair6 PagesUnited StatesRachel Taggart
Six Impossible Things105 PagesUnited StatesAmanda Nitsa Oz
WordLotto45 PagesUnited StatesThomas A Lopilato
Driver Seven22 PagesUnited KingdomElliot Stanton
The Garden of Earthly Delights101 PagesUnited Statessteven howard
Hollywood Park111 PagesUnited StatesGlenna Goodman
The Long Dark Climb114 PagesUnited StatesColin Francis Costello
The Saint and The Scoundrel94 PagesUnited StatesRobert Swan
Christmas Latte103 PagesUnited Statesmiriam e bavly
Mortal Path Series: Bound By Blood TV Pilot54 PagesUnited States
Our Missing Colored Girls 84 PagesUnited StatesQuashon Davis, Wesley Collins
Gods Of Rock101 PagesUnited States
Judy's Justice122 PagesUnited Kingdom
Heroes, Just For One Day (Breaking Thick Ice)125 PagesUnited StatesSalvatore Riggio
Harlem, 1917107 PagesUnited States
Don't Mess With Baby4 PagesUnited States
Scarlett's Web105 PagesUnited StatesKimberly M Lewicki
Unsung20 PagesUnited KingdomAlison Jane McDonnell
Regen X120 PagesCanadaAlex Ra
The Assassination of Lost Innocence11 PagesUnited StatesQiana C.
Epidemic91 PagesAustraliaMarie Kelly
The Unknown Soldiers104 PagesUnited StatesLawrence Whitener
Domumville51 PagesUnited KingdomJoe Allan Jackson
Message 3754 PagesUnited KingdomSimon Wilkinson
I Had an Affair with my Husband24 PagesUnited StatesFrancesco Nuzzi
The Last Call71 PagesUnited StatesMike Ross
Perception10 PagesUnited StatesROBYN BABINA
Perception10 PagesUnited StatesROBYN BABINA
Cycle of Pain10 PagesUnited StatesMikos Zavros
The Ambassadors105 PagesUnited StatesBaubak Bagherpour
Voices111 PagesUnited StatesSusan Klos
The Cave120 PagesAustraliaPhilip Etherington, Robyn Ambrose Etherington
 LOAF THE CAT20 PagesUnited StatesTatiana Edel
The Santa Claus Effect91 PagesUnited KingdomKathryn Radmall
Pieces 91 PagesUnited StatesDavid Arch Hatch
Dead Soul129 PagesCanadamarie Durand
If it ain’t broke 9 PagesHungaryCsenge Hatala
KETRIĀM34 PagesHungaryRichárd Sasvári
Forgive Me, Father12 PagesUnited States
Robbers In A Wheelchair17 PagesDenmarkBilal Hussain
THE JAZZ MAN36 PagesUnited StatesRon L Salkind Meliment, Nick Loren