2022/23 Summer Edition Official Selection

Project TitleDurationCountry of OriginWriters
The Last Don107 PagesUnited StatesAnthony L Moore
La Famiglia ( The Family )108 PagesUnited StatesFrank Gaimari
Happily Never After92 PagesUnited StatesAlec Cuddeback
Plenum85 PagesUnited KingdomBarry Staff
Gullun Drift103 PagesUnited KingdomRichard Clarke
Le Tour Kashmir110 PagesUnited StatesDavid H Miller
Saving Roses113 PagesUnited StatesLouann Teresa Fernald
Box 3014109 PagesUnited StatesJoseph DiFrancesco
MANO NERA (BLACK HAND)129 PagesUnited StatesSamantha Caprio-Negret, Richard Price Sorin
LIKE FATHER LIKE SON85 PagesUnited StatesBarry Jay
Caleb 118 PagesUnited StatesPhilip Michael
Havelock Lane51 PagesAustraliaMichelle Kenney, Carolyn Sternes
Forever After118 PagesUnited States
Darla vs. Hockey15 PagesCanadaMontgomery Burt
THE SKIN OF A DOG110 PagesAlbaniaLinda Fejzaj Jaupaj
The Conduits119 PagesUnited KingdomKaty Chance
All That Glitters118 PagesUnited StatesMike Meier
KABUK (THE SHELL)30 PagesTurkeyHakan √únal
Simon Says...112 PagesNot SpecifiedJ. Barrick Griffiths
Box of Hope100 PagesUnited StatesGlenna L Goodman
Anna Incognito110 PagesUnited States
A Mother's Love10 PagesUnited StatesDarrin Friedman
Dear Michael93 PagesUnited StatesTheresa Cardiello
NO MORE DRAMA56 PagesUnited StatesJuwan Chambers
A Chat Over Death5 PagesNew ZealandMike Felix, Kirsty Masefield
After the Deluge85 PagesUnited StatesMatthew Todd Parvin
Chicken Tenderized107 PagesUnited States
When in Rome33 PagesUnited KingdomAmy Amani
The Trial of Jean Gump103 PagesUnited StatesJoan Kufrin
Rime of the Ancient High Schooler32 PagesItalyPatrick Fasolis
Burning Daylight Episode One57 PagesUnited StatesEric Johnson, Timothy Ryan
AWFUL EXES28 PagesUnited StatesVictor C Dean
Super Zeros98 PagesUnited StatesJaye Blohm
ShinyTown Crime Stories. (Pilot)27 PagesUnited StatesSusan Divita-Langenfeld
Mother Liberty20 PagesUnited StatesFrancis Bruno
Fighting a War of Their Own119 PagesUnited StatesLisa Wassel
Old Friends6 PagesUnited KingdomSian Walker
Dirty Laundry130 PagesUnited StatesRon Podell
The Love meeting - TV pilot33 PagesBelgiumPascal Adam, Rachel Soland
Ghosts of San Francisco104 PagesUnited StatesDavid A. Seader
Bearing Witness117 PagesUnited States
Pep-Ronies10 PagesUnited StatesJames Shanklin
PENELOPE'S WAR!!119 PagesUnited StatesNancy "Sunny" Ellis, Marc L. Ellis
A Trip with DAVE85 PagesUnited StatesJeremy Ferguson
A Stretching Moment17 PagesAustraliaAshley Bligh Dighton
The Hanging Tree100 PagesUnited StatesCressandra Thibodeaux
The Real World of Money143 PagesUnited StatesPatrick J Timpone
Skull Rock92 PagesUnited StatesLaura Rauh