2022/23 Autumn Edition

Project TitleDurationCountry of OriginWriters
EATING RHODE ISLAND79 PagesUnited StatesLawrence Thelen
PRAYING MANTIS IN A JAR119 PagesUnited StatesRosalyn Rosen
Haphazard100 PagesUnited KingdomKitty Harper
Moonscope102 PagesNot SpecifiedDavid Hunter Fein
Fifteen dinars 5 PagesItalyNicolò Donelli
Mallory23 PagesUnited StatesLiz Chiodo
Is a different child available?15 PagesSlovakiaErik Jasaň
Rare Disease10 PagesNot SpecifiedHoang Vu Nguyen
Black dawn13 PagesItalyLetizia Arcaleni
A S Y L U M90 PagesUnited StatesTy Caudle
Le Petomane! Or... The Fart of War7 PagesUnited StatesLaura Kindred
God Works at Harrison's Roast Beef11 PagesUnited StatesLaura Kindred
A Compact Death96 PagesUnited StatesBrien McHugh
Worth The Weight124 PagesUnited StatesPeter Panagos
Lucky in Long Island123 PagesUnited StatesMichelle Lynn
TOUCHED17 PagesUnited StatesCJ Morrison
Suzanne Valadon: The Sin I Will Commit Again116 PagesUnited StatesMikelle Kruger, Patrick O McKenna
NICE EGGS110 PagesUnited StatesSandi Farkas
The Last Bombshell110 PagesUnited StatesLawrence H Stern
Alpha Chase118 PagesUnited StatesChuck Gordon
Alpha Chase118 PagesUnited StatesChuck Gordon
The Private Sector47 PagesUnited StatesBenjamin King
The White Witch Of Rose Hall96 PagesUnited StatesShaunia McKenzie
Heartbreak Under a Neon Streetlight41 PagesAustraliaJen McAuliffe
The Good Brunch15 PagesUnited StatesSophie Cohn
A Difference29 PagesUnited Kingdom
Untitled Love Story25 PagesUnited StatesDennis Hagan
Gimme Shelter Part Three 110 PagesUnited StatesKevin O’Neal AKA Dave Davidson
Evergreen8 PagesUnited StatesMashae Delores Alderman
Swapped107 PagesCanadaAlexandra Purdy Gatto
The Gold, Fish7 PagesItalyRenato Cacace
WHEN RAIN FALLS DOWN ON ME99 PagesItalyLetizia Arcaleni
Dissension113 PagesUnited StatesStacey Alan Spivey
Human Nature65 PagesUnited StatesBrian Power
Marital Assets96 PagesUnited StatesFredric Michael Levine
Bad Love Tigers94 PagesUnited States
Pullman127 PagesUnited StatesDavid Graham-Caso
KATIE’S LAST DANCE9 PagesCanadaMadeline Hombert
The TentVille Knights104 PagesUnited StatesErin Elizabeth Cook
A Raunchy Children's Story7 PagesUnited StatesLarry E Coleman
PREACHER'S DAUGHTER: GIANT SLAYER119 PagesUnited StatesGregory Bonds
I...Herodotus104 PagesAustraliamichael aston
Breather90 PagesUnited KingdomBarry Staff
Krypteia111 PagesUnited StatesSeamus Sullivan
The Arrangement100 PagesUnited StatesKátia Kieling
Baker's Dozen129 PagesAustraliaBruce Robert Notman
Project Christie100 PagesUnited StatesKristi Yvette Jordan
Brothers of Babylon 98 PagesUnited StatesGabriel Womack
Karma is a Bitch_ Screenplay23 PagesUnited StatesSTEPHANIE WHITMOYER
Rachel's Funeral98 PagesCanadaRaey Ang
LAST ISLAND (former "Big Bang and back")114 PagesAustriaManfred Winter
A Package of Dreams24 PagesUnited StatesBradley M. Look
I Can't Remember24 PagesUnited StatesSarah Markowitz
HOOF HEARTED48 PagesUnited KingdomLloyd Stevens
Traum Novels25 PagesPolandKatarzyna Babicz
Cricket9 PagesUnited StatesJim E Berg
Karma is a Bitch_ Screenplay23 PagesUnited StatesSTEPHANIE WHITMOYER
Devil's Dynasty116 PagesUnited StatesJoe Gandurski
The Jade Buddha97 PagesUnited StatesJoseph Gandurski
Broad Shoulders21 PagesUnited StatesSamson Ari Ziegelman
Agua Dulce119 PagesUnited StatesKeith Hector Jardine
Strife97 PagesUnited StatesGeorge Hellas